Smart Impounds for Police and Private Property Towing

Complete impound management software built for every role within your tow operation.

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Completely Mobile

Tow, release, repeat, all from your phone! Tow.Club recognizes that the best operators need a fast and reliable app without tying you down to a computer. Not just a driver app, Tow.Club is complete impound management on the go.


Integrated From Start to Finish

No longer take time to double enter payments, liens, and auction listings. Tow.Club offers integrated payment processing at the release window or from your phone. Push button liens, auctions, and collections all enable you to spend more time towing and less time staffing.


Stability, Accessibility, and Speed

Have you ever had to wait for your towing software to load, come back online, or find missing photos? Your drivers, office staff, and customers can rely on our commitment to being the most reliable software for tow operations, period. These items are table stakes at Tow.Club.

Additional Features

Client Tow Requests

Resident reserved parking, municipal tow requests, and many more. Tow.Club extends to your clients for a seamless connection to request towing service and stay up-to-date on the progress of all requests.

Public Vehicle Locator

Make your lot accessible to anyone who has been towed. Add an impounded vehicle locator to any website, and give the ability to lookup where your vehicle is stored, and then receive a text with details on when and where it can be retrieved.

Advanced Lot Management

Storing cars at one location, or multiple locations, easily track your lot inventory with Tow.Club. Become empowered to know where vehicles are, and what the next step is to progress toward getting them sold.

PPI Account Management

Give customers the ability to sign up for service right through Tow.Club. Never hassle with in person meeting restrictions and old paper-processes.

Touchless Customer Sign Ups

Give customers the ability to sign up for service right through Tow.Club. Never hassle with in person meeting restrictions and old paper-processes.

Online Auctions

Automatically list impounds to an online auction. Online auctions help tow operations attract more buyers, sell cars for more money, and increase profits of the business.


A commitment to delivering a state by state compliant solution to parking enforcement and police impounding. We started in California, one of the most difficult states to follow all of the rules and regulations governing abandoned vehicle removal and parking enforcement.

Partner Ecosystem

We’re connected with other industry leaders to make sure you have all the tools you need, accessible right through Tow.Club. This includes payment partners, DMV integrations, accounting integrations, GPS & video integrations, parking permit and visitor parking integrations, and many others.

Open API

Impound businesses are built on decades of strong personal relationships. When building a new relationship with Tow.Club, you’ll always be able to bring your other software relationships to the table through our open API.

“Our client acquisition went up 30% when we started using Tow.Club’s touchless process to sign on new Property management groups for parking enforcement service. They love how easy it is to login and get started keeping their parking area safe and clean.”

– Art

About Us

We’ve been building software for over 15 years out of Silicon Valley. In 2018 we were approached by a friend who owns a towing business in San Jose to build an integration with the program he had been using for several years.

Their inability to allow us to connect via a simple integration was actually quite intriguing. As we researched towing software, we quickly learned the software out there had slowed them down as much as it had helped.

Dealing with incomplete and unreliable solutions has been the standard. And what software can survive today without helping their customers get and stay connected? Connecting tow businesses to their employees, their vendors, and most importantly to their customers. It was at that moment we knew we had to help towers get better connected, and in doing so build stronger, more resilient, more profitable tow businesses.

Our vision will eventually lead us to serving tow operators of all specialties and sizes, yet for today, we are focused on improving the impound experience for police and private property towing.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started on Tow.Club?

We’ve helped transfer tow operations from all of the old tow softwares out there and from no software at all. We start with a detailed discussion to scope out the transition, including exporting from your old system and importing to the new, setting up integrations, transferring impound lot inventory, and even training employees. We can do this in person at your facility, or completely remote, depending on your needs.

How long does it take to get up and running?

There are several factors that influence how long it will take to get setup. We’ve heard horror stories of tow operations taking months to transition, and know how impactful and difficult change can be for some employees. An average size operation of between 5 and 10 trucks can expect to spend 2 weeks transitioning to Tow.Club. This time includes setup of your customers and towing pricing, getting integrations connected, and training your employees. After you’re setup, we make weekly contact until you tell us to stop 😉 

How can I connect with other impounders using Tow.Club?

Networking with other tow operators is one of the best ways to quickly improve your business. At Tow.Club, our customers join a community of other operators focused on having the best business in the industry. We have private social media groups to facilitate discussion between and among our customers. Once your account is activated, we’ll send you an invite!

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